Released July 1st 2007
Recorded @ Little Chicago Studios in Ottawa
Produced by Healy & Orr w/ Tim Greencorn
Mixed by Healy & Orr w/ Tim Greencorn
Mastered by Joao Carvhallo
Manufactured by Healey Disc 

SOLD OUT !!!!!
You can still download it on the swag page

This is the 1st Healy & Orr cd of original music.
All the tunes were written by Doug & Randy except the beautiful "Light In The Wood" by their friend Peter Liardi and the Ozzy tune "Crazy Train" which has been heavily modified.
Doug & Randy played every note you hear on the cd.
Doug handled most of the stringed instruments,
Randy took care of everything else...

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Released February 1st 2006
Recorded Live New Years Eve
@ The Keystorm Pub in Brockville, Ontario
Produced by Healy & Orr
Mixed & Mastered by Randy Orr
Manufactured @ The Powder Room

What an awesome night! 
200 of our good friends having a new years eve blast with us at the Keystorm Pub.
This CD is classic rock from top to bottom with a few little bonuses, 
Bobby Orr sang the crowd favorite "Highway To Hell"
and we threw on the Bob & Tom show classic "Country Girl".
These are officially out of print now so you're gonna have to get a friend to burn you a copy.....


Released November 1st 2001
Recorded Live Canada Day Weekend 2001
@ The Filling Station, Brockville Ontario
Produced by Healy & Orr
Mixed & Mastered by Randy Orr
Manufactered @ The Powder Room

This is the one that started it all !!!!!
After 2 years of playing there every other week, we decided to fill up the Filling Station 
with 100 of our pals and record a live cd....
Two good friends, playing good tunes for folks that know how to have a good time.....
what an awesome night to capture forever....
This disc is all acoustic (except our faithful drummer...)
All over the map between country and rock culminating with the crowd singing along to 
"fuck 'em if they can't take a joke".....
Good luck finding a copy now, we couldn't keep these babies in stock at all.
I don't even think Doug or I have a copy anymore...
If you can find a copy make a copy for us......please.